Not me! I grew up in a large, loving family. We lived all of life together, including regular church attendance. I enjoyed going but never felt any of my needs were met there. One day, when I was about twelve, I decided to challenge God. “God, if you’re really there have it be raining when I wake up tomorrow!” Can you guess what happened? It was raining! God knew that was all I needed to believe. That’s childlike faith.

It wasn’t long after that I heard a speaker tell me that I could have a changed life by committing myself to God through His son Jesus Christ. He told me that I didn’t have to change anything in my life, but I must acknowledge that Jesus died for me, make a personal commitment by asking him into my life and he would make changes in me. I made that commitment and immediately felt completely loved by God.

My parents were not very supportive of my desire to attend a Bible study. That sounded too fanatical to them. I had great respect for them and so, after some discussion about it, I decided to quit the study.

I entered college in 1974 and planned to enjoy myself both academically and socially. I didn’t make much of an effort to search out the campus Christian group. The one time I did attend a Bible study I felt like I didn’t fit in, probably because I didn’t know where 1st Timothy was, and I was too proud to ask!

Senior year I fell in love. However, Paul was completely disinterested in spiritual topics. I had not allowed God to take over my life up to that point and I saw not need to rock the boat – I was in love and wanted to remain that way.

We enjoyed two happy years of marriage when, in June of 1980, we received a dinner invitation to an elegant restaurant. The speaker was a Christian businessman and he spoke of Christ and His love for us as clearly and simply as I had heard it eight years earlier. I remembered the commitment I had made in 1972. I realized I had chosen to ignore God and was missing a moment by moment connection with Him. I recommitted my life to Christ that night.

How have things changed? I now know right where 1st Timothy is! That is a result of studying the Bible because I have found that God’s word is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. Paul and I pray together, sharing things that we might never have shared otherwise. Our goals in raising our four children were to model a loving Christian marriage and to show them the benefits of following Christ regardless of the cost. And there have been costs but the peace and joy that Christ provides have made all of them

Sue Johnson