I come from a Christian region in Northern Albania. Thus, I heard about Christ since I was a little kid. My parents used to celebrate Christmas in secret because Albania was a Communist country for about 50 years and no one was allowed to talk about religion. When Albania opened up everyone wanted to know about other countries in the world, so everyone started to learn foreign languages.

When I was in high school, I wrote to different Christian organizations for literature and Bible courses, not because I was interested in spiritual things, but because I wanted to improve my English. I used to argue with my Muslim neighbors in my apartment complex, defending wholeheartedly my family tradition (Catholicism). If someone would have heard me back then, they would have thought that I was a strong believer, but in reality, I didn’t believe at all.

When I went to the university, my roommate was a Christian. He explained to me what it meant to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and that my family tradition in of itself wasn’t enough to save me. He was faithful to keep sharing with me about Christ and providing me with different pamphlets about Christianity. Over time, I made the decision to invite Christ to be my personal Savior and Lord.

During my second year of university I became involved in a Bible study with some other men and took part in many activities that Campus Crusade for Christ organized, like the summer project in 1995, which had a great impact in my spiritual life.

When I graduated I wanted so much to tell other Albanians for the real life I had found in Jesus so I joined the staff of CCC which gave me the opportunity to be in full-time ministry and witness to students. It has been the best place for me to invest my life in building the kingdom of God by giving many people the opportunity to find new life in Jesus.

A few years ago, I was impressed with the importance of Christians living out godly ethics in the business world in Albanian society. There are few Christians and sadly so much corruption in every segment of Albania. Thus, God granted me and my wife the vision of pursuing ‘Business as Mission’—having a business that would be a light with godly ethics and God’s love as our motivation, a stark contrast to the corrupted society that readily compromises moral values for personal gain which is so evident here. I am excited to trust God to use our business and our lives for His glory and purposes here in Albania.

Bani’s Testimony