I was caught stealing cigarettes. How did I end up here? I liked to play and have fun. This is the way I spent most of my time. At first my favorite things were soccer and hiking. But, when I entered high school I started to look for more “advanced” stuff. I started to drink, smoke, take drugs and now steal. I was now18 years old and as the policemen were pushing me around, I started to understand that my life was heading nowhere.

A month later, after being released on probation, my friend drew my attention to the Bible. Because of the way he talked about it and because of my need, I felt in awe when he finally loaned me his to read. Even though I was raised in a religious family, I had never read the Bible before. When I started to read it I discovered Jesus Christ. I had heard about him before, but as I read the Gospels I was so impressed with the miracles He performed, with His life and teachings. I understood that Jesus was the Son of God and God himself. As a result, I became a very disciplined religious person. I got involved with all kinds of formal church activities: services, prayer, pilgrimages etc. But in spite of my involvement I was not ready to trust God with all my heart. In the meantime I kept reading my Bible, and I started to understand that God’s desire for my life was different. I understood that God desired my heart. He wanted to lead my life, but I was afraid that when I let Him control my life it would become boring and sad.

With such feelings I enrolled at the university. I was very impressed with the social life at the campus. I got involved in it so much that I almost totally forgot about God. Fortunately God did not forget about me. Once as I was taking part in a special kind of service at the church two young men approached and asked if I had ever heard about the four spiritual laws. We started to talk. They explained that I need to open my heart to God and submit my life to Him. If I did He would forgive my sins and give me eternal life. I decided to say simple prayer I asked Jesus for forgiveness of my sins and invited Him into my life passing onto Him the control of my life. And immediately right after this act of my will I felt free. I felt like Jesus took a great burden from my heart. I felt well, joyful and peaceful without getting drunk.

More than twenty years have passed since then. I am married, and we have three children. I am not perfect, but God makes my life joyful and purposeful. Daily study of the Bible helps me to understand God’s principles. I can state that my life is abundant. I want to help others to experience the same kind of life. If you do not experience such life read the rest of this booklet and learn how you can change it.

Adam A.