Tammy’s Faith Journey
There have been several decisions I’ve regretted in my life, but I remember the day I made a very significant decision. At the time, I didn’t realize how this one decision could affect my life in so many ways over the years. Back on Feb. 16, 1978 when I was only seven years old I made a decision to invite Jesus into my life to be my Lord and Savior. That was one decision I have never, ever since regretted.

I remember the day so clearly— my mom sat me down on the kitchen counter and explained to me what it meant to be a Christian– that God loved me so much, He provided a way for me to know Him through sending His Son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins— and though I was young, I definitely understood and saw in my life that I was imperfect and that I fell short of God’s perfect standards. So when my mom led me in a prayer to ask Jesus to come into my life and forgive my many imperfections, I eagerly prayed along with her.

As I was growing up I always had a special love for Jesus. Though my friends sometimes disappointed me or moved away, I found that Jesus was always with me— I could confide in Him about anything– boys I liked, struggles I was having and He always listened to me & accepted me for who I was, and not how I performed.

When my parents went through the process of divorce when I was in high school, I remember being ashamed to tell my friends, not knowing what to say, as in those days divorce wasn’t as common as it is today. And yet though my friends couldn’t understand my feelings and didn’t know how to comfort me, I found so much comfort in pouring my heart out to Jesus, and found that He was like a rock, a solid foundation for me to stand upon and cling to. There were even times when thoughts of suicide crossed my mind, but instead of listening to those thoughts, I found that Christ was always there reassuring me of better days and that I could trust Him with my family and my future. Truly, it was my relationship with God through Christ that provided hope for me, and that carried me through the difficult years of confusion and sadness during my parent’s divorce.

One of the greatest changes I’ve seen in my life over the years as I’ve grown in my relationship with God has been in the area of my identity. Discovering from the Bible that I had an unshakable identity as a child of God and that I am precious to Him, was a truth that gave me a new-found confidence in being able to love and accept myself. No longer did I have to seek to win other people’s approval, because I had God’s approval and that was enough. It has enabled me to feel good about being myself, and not having to worry about how popular I am or whether I have the perfect body and appearance.

Knowing Jesus as my Lord and Savior has given me purpose in life. He has filled my heart with an indescribable peace because I know that my life is in His hands, and that He wants to provide what is best for me, as His child. Whatever difficulties and trials come my way, knowing that He is always with me and carries me through each one has enabled me to face them without losing hope.

Though I’ve made lot’s of decisions over the years, some of them good and some bad, never has there been a more significant decision, one that has given me a desire to live each day to the fullest, than the decision to respond to God’s great love which pursued me, by receiving the greatest gift of all, that of eternal life through Christ Jesus.