When Communism took over Romania in the 1950’s, the country, and my family, entered a long spiritual night. First, crops and animals were confiscated and shipped to the Soviet Union as war reparations. Then private property was taken from owners and collectivized. Families like mine fell into dire poverty.

Yet in school I was taught to praise the Communist party and its leaders. I heard nothing about God. Even at Christmas I knew nothing of the real story, hearing only that Santa Claus had brought me some presents.

Throughout high school and university, my indoctrination into the glories of the Communist Party only deepened. Eventually I graduated and took a job as an engineer in a factory, where I met my future husband, Ionel. Within three years we had two children. We worked hard to give them a different life from the one we had experienced. But there was little hope, or joy.

Years passed, and one day a colleague at work gave me an illustrated Bible. I passed it along to the children, who were eight and ten years old at the time. I did not realize the impact of that book; it would change our lives forever.

While the children were reading it, they met Jesus and received Him into their lives. I learned from them that I was a sinner, too, and if I did not receive Jesus as my Savior, I would go to hell. At first I scolded them for being so naïve as to believe that there was a God, but because they were so preoccupied with Jesus, I started to read the Bible too. Soon I had also met Jesus.

My colleagues and I had a friendly competition to see who could read the most books; I had read plenty, many of them a waste of time. But after I had read the Bible, I felt the need to tell everyone that I had found a book that had changed my way of thinking and my life. It contains the truth that Communism denied but could not suppress because:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

This Word that became flesh is Jesus Christ. He changed my life and can also change yours! Jesus died so that we could have eternal life. It is ours if we believe that He died for our sins. I believed and now I have eternal life… and so can you!

Gina Teodorescu