Encourage us when we feel alone.
For Your Presence is always with us.
Give guidance to our bewildered path.
You want us to trust and follow You.

Strengthen us when we are sorely tired.
Reverence for You gives us confidence.
Support us when our knees are shaky.
For You give hope where none exists.

Your word says to look at things above.
For Your hand is there to give support.
May we see everything with new eyes.
Mercy from You has already been given.

May we love with a new healed heart.
May we cheer those without courage.
May we bring laughter to someone.
May we give a loving touch from You.

You are our encourager in the faith.
May we receive all with thanksgiving.
As You encourage us, may we do also.
We rejoice in You, O God of salvation.

Because of Jesus, Amen.