Our hearts and thoughts are silenced before You, O almighty Jehovah.
Your holy temple fills the heavens. You are exalted among all the heavens. You are exalted among all the earth. Your holy temple was not built with human hands. For humanity cannot contain Your glory.

Lord, we place our trust and hope in You. You are from generation to generation. We can do no other but fall on our knees and lift up our hands in worship. Enter in and fill our heart and Spirit with Your holiness.
May Your power give us courage to love, to do, to be as You will.

Lord, we lay our treasures at Your feet. They are tarnished and rusted in the light of Your glory. Tears fill our eyes as Your holiness reveals our sins. We cannot gaze upon Your glory. We seek to but touch the hem of Your garment.

When You show Your greatness, all knees must bow before Your power. But through Jesus…You have given us safety from the justice of Your right hand.

Our heads are bowed and our thoughts are stilled. Time and space have ceased in Your presence.
O Lord, You are in Your holy temple and the world is silent before You.

Because of Jesus, Amen