Before becoming a follower of Jesus three years ago, I was a tyrannical master of my family no one would dare to stand against my word or me.

As my wife saw my changed life and learned that I left Islam to become a Christian, she began to rebel and took a hostile stand. She went further, and opened a case with police against me.

In the court the judge asked her, “what is your charge against your husband” she answered, “He deserted Islam and has become a follower of Jesus.” “Has he started to drink and get drunk?” “No” answered my wife. “What about before?” “Yes, he used to drink a lot” “Does he beat you?” “No” “What about before?” “Yes, he would beat me often” “So, what do you want?” asked the judge surprised. “If we had more people like your husband, it would be easier for us and you. Your husband is on the right way, lady.”

That evening when she returned home, her attitude was completely changed. I took the opportunity and shared Christ with her. In my surprise, she repented from her sins, and accepted Christ as her Savor and Lord. After my wife, my children and the whole family became a follower of Jesus and today we witness in our village what the Lord has done for us.