You, O mighty Lord, are my deliverer. I walk the hills and valleys rejoicing in Your deliverance. I put my trust in You the all knowing, unseen One. May my gaze remain upon You, for Your light brings wisdom to my mind and chases away all fear.

Lord, You are the covenant-keeping, all powerful God. Your strength has no equal. The roaring thunder and streaking lightening pale next to You. The whirlwinds and swelling waves obey Your rules.

Lord, in my weakness, You reveal Your tender strength. You have taken my weak voice and become my strong song. You have given words to my song and comfort to my soul.

May I always pause at Your wells for times of refreshing. Your living water causes my lips to thirst no more. Your indwelling Spirit gives joy to my faith. From Your springs comes eternal life.

Because of Jesus, Amen.