Chapter 1
You spoke the majesty of your creation,
Galaxies, shores, and seas sprang forth.
Chapter 2
You fashioned me before I was born,
And placed eternity upon my heart.
Chapter 3
You gave me
Your word as a guide.
It brings light to my daily life.
Chapter 4
You want me to abide in Your love,
And in profound love
died in my place.
Chapter 5
You said, "Come,
walk, talk with me.
Tell Me the questions of your heart."
Chapter 6
You saw past
all my stubborn ways,
And gave me a tender, responsive heart.
Chapter 7
You said to trust You
with all my heart.
I said, "Yes, Lord, make your ways known."
Chapter 8
You held my hand during the storms,
Leading me to still and quiet waters.
Chapter 9
You taught me
to serve with gladness,
And to leave Your fingerprints of love.
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fingerprints of faith cover

Fingerprints of Faith reveals evidence of God’s eternal love. They can be seen through eyes of faith. Read this book if you’re wondering:

  • What relevance does the Bible have today?
  • Is Jesus the only path to God?
  • Does God actually listen to my prayers?
  • How is my heart doing spiritually?
  • Will God actually guide my paths?
  • Can He calm the storms of my heart?
  • How can I serve the Lord?

What a wonderful reminder of just who God is...

–Marilyn W. A.