My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

Exodus 33:14 NKJ

God’s Presence whispers, “Keep running the race, I am with you.”

God’s Presence whispers, “I am the way and I won’t leave you.”

God’s Presence whispers, “I know your tomorrow and I am already there.”

Trust fills me with the thought of God’s Presence on my life’s journey.

Faith says to my feet, “This is the road on which to walk.”

Courage says, “When my strength fails, God is still with me.”

God’s Words give rest and pleasant times of refreshing peace.

The fountain of His rest flows sweetly, renewing energy and strength.  

He gives times of loving rest, warm as the sunshine after a storm.

O most blessed Lord God, heavenly Father, loving Savior,

I give to You my wrong words and deeds of yesterday’s past.

I place my unknown tomorrows in Your tender and faithful care.

And I find rest here and now because Your Presence is with me.

Because of Jesus.