When I was 19 years old I went to Dubai to work, but I end up in prostitution for three years. I became infected with the HIV virus. My husband, who was a drug pusher, encouraged me to take drugs. Thus, I also became a drug addicted.

In 2010 I was depressed, disappointed and hopeless. I decided to return to my country and there I went to a church to receive help, it was my last hope.

The church accepted me with love and sent me to their rehabilitation center. In that center I saw the love of Christ in believers and that was enough to draw me to the Lord and accept him as my Savor and Lord.

Every three months I went for an HIV test. In March 2011, I was told that my immunity system is augmenting and is fighting against the disease. On the following Sunday morning service I shared about my recovery development. The church prayed for my complete healing.

In the June 2011 test, my immunity raised to 60% and in September to 85%. The doctor asked me “where do you go for treatment?” I replied, “Nowhere, I have trusted Jesus for my salvation and healing, the church continues to pray for me”.

After the last checkup, the doctor returned my files to me and said, “You are completely cured, you do not need to come for more treatment”.

The following Sunday I testified about the Lord’s healing at the church, which raised echoes of praise and thanksgiving.

At present I am serving in the church to help drug addicts, prostitutes and others. I try to show the love of Christ, which I have experienced and by this way display my gratitude to the Lord for what He has done for me.