My father was a colonel in the Bulgarian army. I was raised with the idea that there is no God. Even though I tried many things I could not find satisfaction. After a while, it became clear to me that those things would and could never fulfill me.

In 1988, a year before the fall of communism, I was in my fourth year at the University when my room mate told me about Jesus. She was not a strong willed person but I saw changes in her life that showed spiritual strength. I was mocking her but at the same time I was jealous for what she became. I went to her church only to check out who is this Jesus that she told me about.  It was like nothing I had experienced before. Until that moment, I had never heard such words. There was something that attracted me, so I decided to continue going in order to understand what kind of people were there and what kind of philosophy of life they had.

After several services I preferred to spend time with my new friends rather than the old ones. One day, after communion, when I went back home,I felt such guilt because of my sins. I could see Jesus hanging on the cross, and it was like I nailed Him there. I knelt down, poured out my heart before the Lord crying for forgiveness. I could see His goodness and love flowing to me and I felt so unworthy. He gave me grace and forgave me. The burden in my heart was taken away and everything inside of me became new. The emptiness flew, the heaviness was gone and there was only peace, comfort and joy. There was only Jesus…and I had finally found what I was missing…true fulfillment and satisfaction. He is still the Lord of my soul and God of my heart.

Milena’s Testimony