I was a young man running my own private and successful business. This was right after my military service in the Bulgarian Army and the time of the fall of communism.

I was physically satisfied but I had many questions such as: How was man created?  Is there any sense of order in the universe?  What is the meaning and purpose of life?  Why is man born when only death follows?  Is there life after death?   Because of these questions and interest I read philosophical, psychological and scientific books.  I was looking everywhere for a logical and intelligent explanation.

One day I met a man who was sharing Christ everywhere with everyone.  That was very strange for me–to find an intelligent person believing in God.  Immediately, I started arguing with him.  I liked provoking him in order to know his point of view.  The man’s arguments were completely based on the Bible.  He was quoting it all the time.  Our disputes lasted for 3 months–every single day.  After a while he gave me a new Testament and told me first to read it and then we would discuss it.

I started reading the New Testament with only one purpose–to find discrepancies and mistakes.  I wanted to show that the author of this book was not God, but was written by men.  At that time my belief was that the Bible was written for the old or ignorant people that are duped and could be easily deceived.

But when I got to Matthew, chapter 5, I was shaken by the depth, wisdom, perfection and completeness of Jesus’ words.  None of “my” philosophers, psychologists and scientists could compare. I was reading and rereading the words of Jesus through the entire nights.  I felt like these words of Jesus were changing something physically inside of me.  Everything inside of me was shaken and challenged by Him.   I had to decide who this Jesus was: was He a Liar, or was He Lord, Savior and God?  At the end of the Gospel of John, I knew what to do.  In December 1991, I asked the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness of my unbelief and all my sins and I received Him as my Lord and Savior.

Since that time, my life has been completely changed.  I found the answers to all my questions and to the thousands more that I had after that time.  After seeing what Jesus did for me I committed myself to serve Him.  I could see answers to my payers.  I saw His mighty hand to be faithful and perform miracles in my own and others lives.  The Bible became my Book of books.  Thank God for what He has done for me and that I can know Him and serve Him alone.

I met my wife Milena and I got married December, 1996.  We have two lovely daughters and my family believes and trusts God.  Tateos Testimony.