…walk in the newness of life.” 
Romans 6:4 ESV

May my steps be filled with the newness of life.   

It is to You, O Lord that I lift up my soul. Psalm 143:8  

May Your Spirit guide me, refresh me, and put me on the path of fresh new beginnings each day.

Your faithfulness is to all generations and the joy of heaven is available to all who believe that You are God’s only Son.  You are the gate, portal, and only path to heaven.

You care for the birds gliding across the sky.  The creatures of the sea as they frolic about the waves. 

You created the colors of the flowers in the meadows, the grains in the field, the lights in the sky.

We shout out to You “Abba Father” my Lord and my God.

You breathed into us the very breath of our life.  

With Your breath in our nostrils, Your Spirit sealed within, each day is a blessing as we walk in the newness of life.  A gift from You.

Because of Jesus.